Web Components - IowaJS, Oct 2013

Looking back, jQuery UI was my first experience with “web components”. When I first discovered them I as amazed as to how easy it was to setup any widget. Just include jQuery and jQuery UI and just call the widget code. In the exsmaple below, .button() Setting up of an... Read more

jQuery cloneVal, automatically copy :input values

It’s been awhile since I released a good old fashion jQuery plugin. cloneVal targets :inputs on a form and lets you copy/clone the value to one or a set of target :inputs. view the code in action GitHub A practical use case for this plugin would be an e-commerce form... Read more

Fun with HTML5 templates and shadowDom API

I recently started playing around with the new <template></template> tag introduced in html5. On the surface it looks pretty plain, it appears to another template engine. But when combined with the shadowDom API it can be pretty powerful. Take this code example. <div id="target"> <span class="label">Enter your name</span> <span class="name">name</span>... Read more

Creating Themes for Ontraport/OfficeAutoPilot Forms

Ontraport / OfficeAutoPilot’s formeditor is pretty powerful, it’s great for creating one off designs. But did you know that you can use it to create themes that you can apply to other formeditor created forms? This setup will work on Wordpress, Landing Pages and plain old html pages. Quick Demo... Read more

Creating a custom scrollbar with scrolljs

Over the past couple of years I have run into several cases were I needed to interact with the dom properties related to scrolling an element. I found my self wishing / searching for library to handle the nuances of the api. So I wrote scrolljs. Scrolljs aims to make... Read more

JavaScript Equivalents in CSS

With the wide support of css3 we can use css to do some of the things that could only be done in javascript in the past. Here are a couple of my favorites. Togging an element visibility with :hover Using the pseudo selector :hover, we can show and hide elements... Read more
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