Making yarn and husky hooks work with windows

Recently I was trying to get husky using yarn to work on widnows. While I could directly run the commands for the git hooks from the cli, they would fail when husky would try to run them. Here is an example of the console output λ git cm "test /usr/bin/bash:... Read more


Software development is hard work. A project takes many turns before it’s pushed live, and sometimes you have to work more hours than you wanted and/or cut corners to hit deadlines. At ONTRAPORT, our busiest time is mid-summer into early October when we host ONTRApalooza, our annual user conference. At... Read more

Developers Ruined the English definition of Love

A friend of my recently sent me this video It got me thinking about how language is everything when it comes to expression of self. And even more so when it comes to development and code. Which led me to this conclusion. Developers and like minded people ruined the English... Read more


In the past few months, I discovered these quotes "It’s much easier to recover from no abstraction than the wrong abstraction." @sebmarkbage— getify (@getify) July 10, 2015 First you learn the value of abstraction, then you learn the cost of abstraction, then you're ready to engineer— Kent Beck (@KentBeck) October... Read more

Minifying CSS in Jekyll with cssify and strip_newlines

I recently discovered that Jekyll now supports SCSS and SASS files. Which is pretty cool because before you couldn’t use easily use them with github pages. Kevin Sweet the developer who wrote the filters for jekyll 2.3.0 breaks them down in this post In his example you can inline scss... Read more

How and Why Developers Must Always Evolve

Back in college, my friends and I would always talk about the latest tech news. We would debate the latest and greatest ideas like which Pentium 4 processor was better. It became a competition of who ‘knew’ the most ‘stuff.’ During one of these pre-class chats, one of the guys... Read more
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