HTML5 Canvas Image Randomizer

I wanted to decrease the sizes of my pages on my blog with out changing my design. I had been using css sprites and gziped css + with base64 encoded images but due to my design my page size was 1500k on an empty cache.  My blog was like this for over a year. But in the past few months my pages started to seem like they were loading slower and slower. So I decided to write a small script that randomly places images on an html5 canvas.  It can also rotate, add color overlay and scale the images. You might find it useful to create a randomly generate header or footer to your site. I got my page size down to around 300k using this script.

Here is the code please feel free to fork it, or use bits and peices of it. If your looking for a demo of the code, just check the header and or the footer my blog.  If you have quesitons please feel free to ask.