Useful Plugins for Aptana Studio 3

I have been using Aptana Studio 3 for the past few years as my primary IDE. But there are been features / plugins that I have wanted to integrate into my setup. Since Aptana is based off of eclipse I thought that finding plugins would be very easy. Turns out that I should have been searching for Eclipse plugins instead of Aptana plugins. Here is my plugin list / setup for Aptana.

In case you didn’t know, you can install new software in Aptana by going to; Help > Install new software > and clicking on the add button


Url: hunspell4eclipse.

This will add a spelling service to Aptana. You will also need to download the dictionary files for this plugin. I decided to use chromium’s dictionary files over the default. You can read about and download them from here:

editing the spell checking dictionaries

At minimum you will need an *.aff and *.dic fiile. To make it easy on you, I have included the version of these files in this post.

After you install the plugin you will need to go to Window > Preferences > then General > Editors > Text Editors > Spelling. And tell the plugin where the dictionary files are.


If you do front end development this is must.



I just discovered this one. It aims to make your css html workflow better, by allowing you to convert a css selector into markup. Its not just for Aptana and or Eclipse. You can find the documentation and installation instuctions here


I started on creating a javascript code formatter profile that is as close to the jQuery core style guide. You may or may not find it useful. You can find it here:

To import this style guide, download it and go to Window > Preferences > Aptana Stuido > Formatter. Click the import button

One of the most helpful things that I have found it is to search for eclipse plugins not aptana studio plugins. Since aptana is built on top of eclipse most of the plugins will work.