My Picks for Windows 7 Gadgets

Since Windows 7 was released Microsoft has taken down the live gadget gallery making it harder to find quantity Windows 7 gadgets. I still use Windows 7 as my primary OS and I find the gadgets very handy. Every time I have to do a fresh install I find my scrambling to find them again so, I thought I would post them here.


This runs on flash. Also a little known fact if you run this with peer block and use the add block list, all of the ads will be gone. I have been running this setup for the last couple years and have yet to hear an ad!


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Presto’s Clock

Probably one of the best gadgets out there for Windows 7. You can change the date and time format that’s displayed and make many visual tweaks.

prestos clock

prestos clock settings

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SNMP Network Monitor

I use version 1.1 that still requires the “SNMP WMI Provider” to be installed. I have tried using the later versions but I was unable to get them to work.

snmp network monitor

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Chameleon Glass Pack

I use the weather gadget out of this pack. I like it better than the default weather gadget because its not as distracting.

chameleon glass pack weather

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Feel free to add to this list in the comments!