Setting up kdiff3 as the Default Merge Tool for git on Windows

You can set up any merge tool in git to handle conflicts. When I used SVN, winmerge was my tool of choice. But since switching to git, it left me to seek out a replacement that does 3-way merging. After searching around it seems that kdiff3 is one of the best 3-way merge tools out there. But there isn’t a lot of help getting it setup in windows. So I thought I would share my setup.

Download and install kdiff3

Either add this to your gitconfig:

	tool = kdiff3
[mergetool "kdiff3"]
	cmd = \"C:\\\\Program Files (x86)\\\\KDiff3\\\\kdiff3\" $BASE $LOCAL $REMOTE -o $MERGED

Or run These at the command line:

git config --global merge.tool kdiff3
git config --global mergetool.kdiff3.cmd '"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\KDiff3\\kdiff3" $BASE $LOCAL $REMOTE -o $MERGED'

Now you will be able to resolve your conflicts the command line via

git mergetool

This assumes that you picked the default paths and have a 64 bit version of windows.