Installing Android x86 on a Gateway LT21 Netbook

A few years back I jumped on the netbook craze and bought the Gateway LT21. I was pretty cool to have a small computer that actually had 8 hours of battery life. But in the last year or so, It became un-usably slow running windows / linux. Leaving it to... Read more

Making default values for date inputs easy

demo github Setting the default value for an input from markup has been done by ` value=”hello world”. I thought this was true for all input types including, date. It turns out that is not the case. Unless the value attribute is in this format YYYY-MM-DD` the input will not... Read more

Looking Back at My First Year as a Tech Lead

Over the holidays I started reading Talking with Tech Leads by Patrick Kua. Having just completed reading the novices section of the book and found it spoke to the many challenges that I faced during my first year as a Tech Lead, I though would share some of my own... Read more

Wallpaper Collection

Over the past year I have spent a bit of time every week finding interesting backgrounds for my desktop. I was increasingly getting annoyed with the amount of time I was spending on this never ending project. So I decided to roll my own Windows 7 theme with the backgrounds... Read more

Chromecast Style Windows 7 Sidebar Gadgets

I’ve had a Google Chromecast for a couple of months, one of the things that I really like about it is how the time was displayed in the bottom left corner. So I decided to create a set of windows sidebar gadgets that look like they would fit on the... Read more

Useful Plugins for Aptana Studio 3, Part Deux

This is a follow up post to useful plugins for Aptana Studio. Since writing that post I have stumbled on a couple other useful plugins / tools I would like to share. Fullscreen I looked for a fullscreen plugin after being enamored with LightTable’s fullscreen feature. This plugin hasn’t been... Read more
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